Logging in

In order to use the app, you need to register with a solid account. You have to create your own account.

To create a solid account, you need to choose a solid server. That’s the place where the data of the app will be stored. The solid community provides several servers. Currently we advice to use the Solid commuity server on solid.community

Enter solid.community in the browser address bar.

Choose an username and password and click Register

Once you created an account, you can log in to the app as follows. Click on https://app.solidbase.info/ and click on Configuration:

Click login

The following pop-up window opens:

Sometimes the pop-up hides behind other browser windows. Check your desktop if nothing happens when you click on the login button!

Please chose the solid server where you created an account. If you used the ld.solidbase.info server, click on the blue button with ld.solidbase.info. Otherwise, enter https://ld.solidbase.info/ or the URL of another server in the field above and click Go

The following windows opens:

Enter your username and password and click Log In. (It is possible to create account also here by clicking on Create an account. It does the same like Register button mentioned above.).

If you have chosen a server different to solid.community, you will be asked to grant authorization to the solidbase app. Click Authorize in the following dialogue:

Currently this doesn’t authorize the app. You need to follow this procedure for https://app.solidbase.info for authorization.

If you are logged in successfully it looks like this:

Now you can click on Chart to start with your budgeting!